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White Belt Promotions – August 8, 2006

Tonight the Sapulpa Institute of Karate had testing and promotions for the White belts in the class,
where they received their second stripe. The students have worked hard, and have accomplished a great
deal. Their promotion was well earned!

The upper belts continued their efforts towards getting ready for testing. Nancy Longacre (7th DAN),
and Leon Longacre (7th DAN) visited class to assist with getting the upper belts prepared. The
students greatly appreciated their visit, their insight, and their assistance in getting them ready
physically and mentally for what lies ahead.

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Thomas “Thunderkick” Longacre Wins! – July 31, 2006

Thomas “Thunderkick” Longacre (2nd DAN Goju – Ted Soliday, 2nd DAN Tae Kwon Do – Dale Apollo Cook) successfully defended his title last weekend bringing his winning record to 29-2! Mr. Soliday attended the fight and is pictured
with Leon Longacre (7th DAN Goju), Thomas, and the Vice President of Chuck Norris’ World Combat League, Mike Norris. Thomas has fought for the World Combat League
two times before, and will be participating in the upcoming WCL where he will lead the Oklahoma Destroyers up against International Kickboxing Champion Freddie Poole,
and the Texas Dragons! This event will be September 22nd in Austin, Texas at the University of Texas’ Erwin Center. For more information, see the
World Combat League website .

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