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September 16, 2006 – 2nd Annual Red Dragon Goju Karate Tournament!

Mr. Soliday and students attended the Red Dragon Goju Karate Tournament in Tulsa. Mr. Soliday
assisted in judging the blackbelt competition, among other events. Soliday students Katie and
Michael competed in their respective divisions. Katie competed in the advanced class, and
Michael competed in the intermediate class – with this being the first tournament after having
received their promotions!

Katie won 1st place in the Forms Competition. Michael took 3rd place in the Forms Competition
and 1st place in Fighting!

As there were no female advanced competitors for Katie, she requested the opportunity to compete
against the male advanced competitors in fighting. With Mr. Soliday’s coaching, Katie won the
first match which was stopped for points as Katie pulled ahead 6 to 1. Katie’s second match
went the full time, although Katie won with a comfortable lead and took the 1st place trophy for

Mr. Soliday with David Box, 10th DAN Goju visiting from Joplin, Mo

September 12, 2006 – UGKA Testing and Promotions held!

The United Goju Karate Association held its Testing and Promotions event at the Sapulpa Institute of Karate. Students from UGKA schools – Dragon’s Star Karate in
Mannford, and Japanese Goju School of Karate in Drumwright also participated in testing and promotion.

SEE ALL PICS from the Testing and Promotion!

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