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Promotion Testing from December 19, 2006

There was an excellent turnout Tuesday night for the UGKA promotion testing with family and friends attending to watch the event at
the Sapulpa Institute of Karate!

In addition to the student testing, there were some black belt promotions for UGKA instructors!
Mr. Clayton Badger was promoted to 5th DAN, Mr. Teddy Soliday was promoted to 3rd DAN, and Mr. Eric Armstrong
was promoted to 5th DAN!

Soliday student, Michael, successfully completed all testing requirements and was promoted
from Purple to Brown Belt!

Soliday student, Mallory, was promoted from Purple Belt to Brown Belt after successfully completing
her test requirements.

The Carr family, all Soliday students, were promoted – Scott, Susan, and Kassie receiving their
second stripe for their White Belt, while Katie received her first stripe for her Brown Belt.

Soliday student, Chase, was promoted to Yellow Belt after successfully completing his
test requirements.

Also attending were:

  • Leon Longacre, 7th DAN
  • Nancie Longacre, 7th DAN
  • Allen Anderson, 2nd DAN
  • Cody, 2nd DAN
  • Ronnie, 2nd DAN

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