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March 10, 2007 update: Mr. Soliday attends the American Open Karate Championship
in Locust Grove, Oklahoma.

{Webmaster’s Note: Due to an unfortunate technical problem with my camera, all pics were lost.
If you were at the tournament and have pics you would like to share, please
them to me

Soliday students competing were Christian (in the 7-8 year old Beginners) and Katie (in the
13-14 year old Advanced). Christian competed in fighting only, taking 2nd Place! This was Christian’s
very first tournament, and he battled through one of the most competitive divisions fighting
multiple brackets before winning his trophy! Katie took 2nd Place in Forms, and 1st Place in Fighting!
Also present was Allen Anderson, 2nd DAN, and his students. Samantha (13-14 year old Intermediate) took 2nd Place in Forms, and
1st Place in Fighting, and Tyler took 4th Place and 2nd Place.

Also in competition, Nancie Longacre, 7th DAN, took 3rd Place in the Adult Blackbelt 35 year old
and up division, and 1st Place in the Adult Blackbelt 43 year old and up division!

Katie’s Kata Competition

Katie’s Sparring Competition

Nancie’s Kata Competition

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