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April 14, 2007 update: Thunderstorm 2007 Rocks the House, and the
Sapulpa Institute of Karate kicks off their 40th Anniversary!!

Thunderstorm 2007 was presented by Mr. Ted Soliday, and his Institute of Karate!

Thomas “Thunderkick” Longacre held his Thunderstorm 2007 stand-up fighting and point
sparring seminar at Mr. Soliday’s Institute of Karate. This was also the kick off
for the 40th Anniversary of the Sapulpa Institute of Karate – perhaps the longest running
karate school in the State of Oklahoma!

There was a strong turnout for Thunderstorm 2007, and many of the participants
were thrilled to be able to work out with Thunderkick, as well as pick up some of his
fighting expertise!

Among the visiting special guests for the event was Five Time World Champion
Dale “Apollo” Cook! Mr. Cook is also the Coach for the Oklahoma Destroyers, of which Thunderkick
is a member. The Oklahoma Destroyers is one of the teams of Chuck Norris’ World
Combat League!

The WCL was a sponsor of Thunderstorm 2007, providing materials for the event, as well
as WCL gear!

Also among Thunderkick’s specials guests was “Handsome” Matt Wiman,
a UFC Fighter! Mr. Wiman took time to pose for pictures with attendees and Soliday
students, as well as sign autographs.

At the event, Mr. Soliday and all the visiting black belt special guests
took a moment to recognize Thomas “Thunderkick” Longacre as Mr. Soliday promoted Thunderkick
to 3rd DAN, Goju Ryu. In addition to be signed by Mr. Soliday, Thomas’ promotion certificate
was signed by a multitude of Grandmasters and Masters from around the region, many of them
in attendence for this moment.

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