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September 25, 2010 update: The UGKA attends the 40th Anniversary of the Wild Bunch Karate Association!

Mr. Soliday catches up with Mr. Lou Angel, 10th DAN, at the Wild Bunch 40th Anniversary Party.

Mr. Soliday is recognized in his promotion to 10th DAN!

Mr. Soliday and the Blackbelts and members of the UGKA attended the 40th Anniversary of the Wild Bunch Karate Association. Mr. Soliday and the UGKA has a long history as members of the Wild Bunch, and it was a great time for many of the original Goju Blackbelts from the 1960’s to reunite. In addition to Wild Bunch founders Bill Briscoe and Bob Kinney, the event was also attended by the father of Goju Karate in this part of the country, Mr. Lou Angel, 10th DAN. Mr. Angel and his twin brother Pete Angel brought Goju Karate to this part of the United States from New York where they had studied under Peter Urban. Mr. Lou Angel traveled to Japan and also studied directly under Gogen Yamaguchi who was the father of Japanese Goju Karate (who in turn had studied Okinawan Goju Karate under Chojun Miyagi, the originator and founder of the Goju style). Mr. Lou Angel established the Tulsa Institute of Karate in 1961, and produced the set of Blackbelts that continued his efforts throughout this part of the country. Bill Briscoe, Darrell Maggard, Bob Santine, Howard Fields, and Mr. Soliday are among the Blackbelts from that time. The celebration was joined by the generations of Blackbelts both who have continued the tradition as well as established themselves over the years.

During the event, Mr. Soliday promoted Mr. James Keys, Mr. Darrell Maggard, and Mr. Bob Santine to 8th Degree for their many years of dedication in karate, their accomplishments, and their strong contribution as founding members of what today was represented by everyone present.

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