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September 29, 2007 update: Katie Carr wins at the Natural State Classie Karate Tournament!

Katie Carr, Soliday Black Belt, traveled to Jacksonville, Arkansas (just north of Little Rock) to
compete in the American Karate Association’s 2nd Annual Natural State Classic.

This was a larger tournament, and
there were many Black Belts representing a large variety of styles of martial arts. As the AKA is a national organization,
competitors attended from schools as far away as Chicago, Illinois as well as areas in Texas.

Katie took 2nd Place in Fighting, and 1st Place in Forms in the Junior Black Belt divisions. She went on to compete
for Grand Champion, which offered an incredible level of comptetition. Katie has appreciated the encouragement
and support of many of the Black Belts of AKA schools as she has progressed through AKA competition this year.

September 25, 2007 update: Green Belt and Brown Belt testing!

The Sapulpa Institute of Karate held a testing and promotions ceremony
tonight with Yellow Belts testing for Green, and Brown Belts testing for their first
or second stripe. Mr. Soliday and his Black Belt instructors, Mr. Teddy Soliday,
Miss Katie Carr, and visiting Black Belts Nancie and Leon Longacre, oversaw testing
of movements, forms, and sparring!

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