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November 10, 2007 update: Mr. Soliday and students attend the ABKA’s Missions Karate Tournament!

Mr. Soliday attended and judged at the ABKA’s latest tournment, held
at Cornerstone Church in Sand Springs. Also attending and competing were Soliday Black Belts Miss Katie Carr, and Mr. Greg Partridge, 2nd DAN.
Students in attendance were
Michael Sanders, Brown Belt; Christian Porter, Green Belt; and Chase Wickham, Green Belt.
Providing key tactical strategy, encouragement, and support was Mr. Leon Longacre, 7th DAN.

Soliday Tournament Results:

  • Katie Carr – 3rd Place Forms, 2nd Place Fighting
  • Michael Sanders – 3rd Place Forms, 2nd Place Fighting
  • Christian Porter – 2nd Place Forms, 2nd Place Fighting
  • Chase Wickham – 3rd Place Forms, 3rd Place Fighting

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