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February 23,2008 update: Mr. Soliday attends Chuck Norris’ World Combat League!

Mr. Ted Soliday attended the World Combat League’s Eastern Conference event on Saturday afternoon – along with Katie Carr, 1st DAN and
Soliday students Scott Carr, Kassie Carr, and Chelsea Boen. Mr. Soliday had the opportunity to visit with the Coach of the Oklahoma Destroyers, Dale “Apollo” Cook. Mr. Soliday also visited with Mr. Larry Wells, and had the opportunity to say hello and shake the hand of Chuck Norris.

Soliday Black Belt, Thomas “Thunderkick” Longacre, 3rd DAN, led the way for the Oklahoma Destroyers, with two incredible victories in front of a packed house at the Expo Pavilion!

Katie Carr, 1st DAN with Jeri 'Fists of Fury' Sitzes of the Oklahoma Destroyers!

Scott Carr with Jesse

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