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March 29, 2008 update: American Karate Association honors Soliday Black Belt!

Ms. Katie Carr, 1st DAN, attended the AKA Southern Region awards banquet where she was honored as a 2007 National Champion. Mr. John Sharkey, Jr. attended the banquet, as well as expressed his appreciation for the promoters of the AKA Southern Region.

Sensei Groves offered a nice story about Katie’s Grand Championship win earlier in the season before presenting Katie with her award plaque and award jacket. Katie was quite pleased, and was happy that she was able to get her picture taken with Sensei Groves, the Fishinghawks, and Mr. Yowell.
Katie Carr - 2007 National Champion, American Karate Association

Katie Carr with Mr. Yowell, Jr.
Katie Carr with Mr. David Fishinghawk and Mrs. Kelly Fishinghawk
Katie Carr with Sensei Groves

March 15, 2008 update: Soliday students compete at the American Karate Association’s American Karate Open Tournament in Locust Grove, OK!

Ms. Katie Carr, 1st DAN, and Scott Carr, Green Belt, competed in Locust Grove, OK at the American Karate Open. This was perhaps the largest turn out for the event in Locust Grove that we have seen, and the event location was packed with spectators and competitors. As such, the competition in each division ran deep with many schools and competitors attending from various states. Katie Carr took 2nd Place in Fighting, and Scott Carr took 3rd Place in Forms competition and 2nd Place in Fighting.

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