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April 5, 2008 update: Katie Carr, 1st DAN, wins at MMASC’s Martial Artist Open!

Katie Carr competed today in Mr. Kevin Luttrell’s Martial Artist Open in Springfield, Missouri. The Martial Artist Open tournament is MMASC rated, and Katie did very well. Although she did not place in Forms competition, her kata was intense and demonstrated her capabilities well. After her Forms competition, Katie was asked to assist in judging other divisions. Katie’s Fighting competition went quite well, with Katie winning 1st Place.

Katie was also very pleased to have Jeri “Fists of Fury” Sitzes, from the WCL Oklahoma Destroyers, attend the tournament and help cheer her on! Ms. Sitzes is an inspiration to Katie, and she was very grateful.

Mr. Richard Osborn, Jr was very welcoming of Katie, taking some time to come over and encourage her. He was also kind enough to have his picture taken with Katie!

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