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April 12, 2008 update: Mr. Soliday and UGKA members compete at the Pearl of the Plain’s Karate Tournament in Tulsa.

Mr. Ted Soliday along with UGKA Black Belts (Mr. Ash, Mr. Partridge, Mr. Anderson, and Ms. Katie Carr) and UGKA competitors attend the Pearl of the Plains karate tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 12, 2008. Mr. Soliday lent a hand in judging numerous black belt divisions and Soliday competitors came away with numerous awards, with one competitor sweeping both their entered divisions – Chelsea Boen, Soliday yellow belt, took 1st Place in Forms Competition and 1st Place in Fighting! Others receiving awards – Steve Lemely: 1st Place, Fighting and 2nd Place, Forms. Katie Carr: 1st Place, Forms.

Everyone else performed very well, especially against a large amount of competition in some of the divisions! This was a great turn out for UGKA competitors and a solid showing at a big tournament.

Mr. Soliday, UGKA black belts, and the UGKA competitors

Soliday Black Belt and National Champion Katie Carr competes and wins 1st Place in Junior Black Belt Forms at the Pearl of the Plains tournament

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