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May 3, 2008 update: Soliday Black Belt, Katie Carr 1st DAN, wins at the MMASC’s 4-State Brawl!

Katie Carr, Soliday Black Belt, traveled to Neosho, Missouri to attend Jim and Bob Moore’s 4-State Brawl karate tournament. Katie took 1st Place in Fighting and although she had strong competition amongst a black belt competitors in the Forms competition, she won 4th place!

She also had the pleasure of visiting briefly with Mr. Jim Riggs. Mr. Riggs was generous enough to have his picture taken with Katie.

April 29, 2008 update: UGKA belt testing tonight at the Sapulpa Institute of Karate!

Mr. Soliday awards rank to those students who successfully tested

Special guest Black Belt, Mr. Gary Boyd, 9th DAN, poses for a pic with Ms. Katie Carr, 1st DAN

UGKA students tested tonight at the Sapulpa Institute of Karate. Mr. Scott Collins, 7th DAN, and Mr. Gary Boyd, 9th DAN, were visiting Black Belts who assisted in the judging of the white, green, and brown belt students who were testing for their stripes. Mr. Collins has a Goju Ryu school on Monday nights in Sand Springs. Mr. Boyd is a Consulting Director of the UGKA.

Four white belt students, five green belt students, and one brown belt student completed testing for their belt stripe rank and were examined on their katas, self-defense, and fighting skills.

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