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May 19, 2008 update: Mr. Clayton Badger promoted to 6th DAN!

On Monday night at the Japanese Goju School of Karate in Drumright, Oklahoma, Mr. Soliday promoted Mr. Clayton Badger to 6th DAN! On hand for the presentation of the certificate of rank and a special bestowment of a 6th degree belt was Mr. Leon Longacre, 7th DAN, and Mrs. Nancie “Tiny” Longacre, 7th DAN. The Longacres also recognized Mr. Badger’s accomplishment of rank. Other UGKA black belts in attendance were Mr. Greg Partridge, 2nd DAN, Mr. Sam White, 1st DAN, and Ms. Katie Carr, 1st DAN.

Mr. Badger’s Monday night class was also present and joined in congratulating their Sensei! Mr. Badger and his Japanese Goju School of Karate have been a long-time member school of the UGKA. In addition to Mr. Badger, Mr. Sam White also assists and provides instruction for the school.

May 17, 2008 update: UGKA students win at the Showdown At B.A. Corral Karate Tournament!

Mr. Scott Collins, 7th DAN brought students from his UGKA school in Sand Springs to compete in the Shotokan Tiger’s 2008 tournament! Collins’ students swept the tournament winning 1st Place awards in their competitions!

Ms. Janis Fraley presented this tournament as the Fastest karate tournament in the state in 2008 – and lived up to that promise with a 10:30am start time, and all divisions completing by just after 12 noon!

Katie Carr, 1st DAN, enjoyed heavy competition in her divisions. While Katie has been attending more out-of-state tournaments than local tournaments of late, she greatly enjoys Ms. Fraley’s tournament. Especially the fact that male and female competitors must compete against each other in both forms and fighting up through the age of 17. Katie took 1st place in Forms and after fierce rounds of fighting through her Fighting bracket, she added a 1st Place in Fighting trophy as well!

Katie was also very pleased to have had some time to visit with Ms. Fraley! She had some kind and generous words for Katie which were greatly appreciated. Katie was delighted to have her picture taken with Ms. Fraley!

Katie’s final fight against an excellent male black belt. This fight has all of the hard hitting and hard kicking action you have come to expect from Katie!

In this vid, Katie gets hit very hard in the face, basically knocking her out on her feet for a moment. She manages to hang on and wins a tie breaker for 1st Place!

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