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July 19, 2008 update: Mr. Soliday attends the 14th Annual Whirlwind Classic

Mr. Soliday attended Mr. Larry Wells’ 14th Annual Whirlwind Classic karate tournament held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While Mr. Wells is long known for his school and teaching of Tae Kwon Do, he had originally started his martial arts career in Japanese Goju Ryu Karate where he had achieved a brown belt rank. For quite some time, Mr. Wells had resumed his Goju Ryu training under Mr. Soliday, and during the tournament, he received his promotion to Black Belt from Mr. Soliday!

For the tournament, Mr. Soliday assisted with Black Belt and Grand Championship judging. Also competing in the tournament was Katie Carr, 1st DAN, as well as Soliday green belts Steve Lemley and Chelsea Boen!

June 28, 2008 update: 26th Annual Wild Bunch Summer Camp

Mr. Soliday attended the Wild Bunch Summer Camp along with Katie Carr, 1st DAN. Mr. Soliday participated in the opening ceremonies and was introduced by Bob Kinney, 10th DAN and co-founder of the Wild Bunch Karate Association. After the opening ceremony, the Wild Bunch Blackbelts bowed in the particpants in this years summer camp and the various training sessions began.

Katie Carr participated in sessions to continue to hone her skills and took part in “High Flying Kicks”, “Sparring Techniques”, and “Fighting Strategies”. A Wild Bunch tradition, at the end of the camp the members of the Wild Bunch get together to shout “Hoya” to conclude their time together. Mr. Bill Briscoe, 10th DAN and co-founder of the Wild Bunch Karate Association, was kind enough to have his picture taken together with Katie.

Mr. Soliday introduced at Opening Ceremonies by Mr. Kinney and Mr. Briscoe

Taking a moment during the sessions – Mr. Bill Briscoe, Mr. Ted Soliday, Mr. John Pendell, and Mr. Bob Lisko

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