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July 24, 2008 update: UGKA competitors win at the MMASC’s Battle for the Queen City Karate Tournament!

The UGKA had a strong showing at the most recent MMASC event – the Battle for the Queen City Karate Tournament in Springfield, Missouri! Representing the UGKA was Mr. Greg Whited, 3rd DAN from the Sand Springs Institute of Karate, Ms. Katie Carr, 1st DAN from the Mannford Institute of Karate, and Soliday Green Belts Kassie Carr and Chelsea Boen from the Sapulpa Institute of Karate! The host and promoter, Mr. Richard Osborn, Jr., 7th DAN, made our competitors feel very welcome. The MMASC has continued to warmly reach out and encourage participation from anyone affliated with Mr. Soliday, and their efforts are greatly appreciated! The UGKA competitors found strong competition at all levels as they battled for their wins across divisions.

Kassie Carr, Soliday Green Belt, competes and wins 1st Place in Forms Competition, and 2nd Place in Fighting!

Kassie Carr has the honor of competing against all other 1st Place winners for the underbelt Tournament Grand Champion!

Chelsea Boen, Soliday Green Belt, wins 2nd Place in Fighting and 2nd Place in Forms Competition!

Mr. Greg Whited, 3rd DAN, wins 3rd Place in the Fighting Competition against strong competition in the Blackbelt Men’s Heavyweight Division.

Ms. Katie Carr, 1st DAN, wins 2nd Place in Fighting Competition and 4th Place in Forms Competition against a large group of Black Belts!

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