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August 16, 2008 update: Mr. Soliday attends traditional Japanese Kendo event!

Mr. Soliday with Mr. Michael Lindsay, 1st DAN

Mr. Soliday attended the Tulsa’s first traditional Japanese Kendo event, after special invitation from Mr. Michael Lindsay, 1st DAN. Mr. Lindsay has the Shin Sou Fu Kan – the Tulsa Kendo Club, which was hosting a traditional Japanese Kendo event. Mr. Lindsay has had the Tulsa Kendo Club under the guidance of Sensei Brian Mosley, 4th DAN from Oklahoma City.

The event featured team competition between four teams comprised of members from around the state, and showcased the necessary skills for combat. Mr. Soliday enjoyed the event, and had a great time observing the care of another traditional Japanese martial art.

Mr. Michael Lindsay’s Tulsa Kendo Club can be found at

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