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January 4, 2011 update: UGKA mourns the passing of Mr. Howard Fields, 10th DAN.

Japanese Goju Ryu Karate Pioneer and Grandmaster Mr. Howard Fields, 10th DAN, passed away this morning in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mr. Fields was recognized in 2009 as 10th DAN by Mr. Ted Soliday of the UGKA, by Mr. Briscoe and Mr. Kinney of the Wildbunch Karate Association, Mr. Earl Giley who hosted the recognition ceremony at his 2009 Oklahoma Nationals Karate Tournament in Tulsa. Mr. Fields was an original black belt who began his karate career under Mr. Lou Angel, 10th DAN back when Mr. Angel first brought Japanese Goju Ryu Karate to the Midwest, headquartered in Tulsa. As an instructor and black belt, Mr. Fields established and mentored generations of black belts throughout his years of service in the martial arts. For the hundreds of karate students and black belts he touched during his life, he will be greatly missed.

Mr. Soliday and Mr. Fields at the 2010 Wildbunch Reunion

Mr. Soliday and Goju Black Belts recognizing Mr. Fields in 2009

Mr. Maggard and Mr. Soliday visit with Mr. Fields

Ms. Katie Carr chats with Mr. Fields

December 24, 2010 update: Thursday Night Master’s Class working on Bo Kata!

Teddy Soliday, 4th DAN, and Leon Longacre, 7th DAN, working on Bo Kata

The Master’s Class meets every Thursday night in downtown Sapulpa to work on Kata’s. This class is comprised of black belts interested in staying current with their forms, as well as a perfect opportunity for black belts to get back into karate. For advanced brown belts seeking their black belt, working out in the Master’s Class is an opportunity to refine their technique as well. For more information or interest on the Master’s Class, contact Mr. Soliday.

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