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September 20, 2008 update: Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, competes in the MMASC’s Midwest Rumble 2008!

Katie Carr, 2nd DAN – Soliday Blackbelt and UGKA Instructor at the Mannford Institute of Karate, traveled to Springfield Missouri to compete in the MMASC’s 2008 Midwest Rumble! The MMASC has continued their gracious hospitality towards making the UGKA a welcome part of their tournaments as well as members within their association. Katie Carr was greeted by both Grandmaster Osborn Sr, 9th DAN, as well as Mr. Osborn Jr, 7th DAN who both were nice enough to inquire about Katie’s school and her students.

Katie Carr was one of six Blackbelts competing in Forms Competition. The Forms competition within the MMASC is among the strongest Katie has been in, with all styles exhibiting excellent technique and power. Katie tied for third place, and in the subsequent tie-breaker, was able to win the 3rd Place Trophy against a very accomplished competitor!

Katie Carr competed in the Fighting Competition, and in a close match took 3rd Place. Katie also fought an exhibition match in the Adult Women’s Blackbelt division, which she also won. After Katie’s competitions finished up, MMASC Promoter and head of TigerTKD, Mr. Richard Osborn Jr was nice enough to have his picture taken with Katie!

Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, won 3rd Place in Forms, 3rd Place in Fighting

Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, with MMASC Promoter Mr. Richard Osborn Jr, 7th DAN

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