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September 23, 2008 update: White Belt testing at the Sapulpa Institute of Karate!

White Belt testing for Soliday White Belts Damian and Karysn took place tonight at Mr. Soliday’s Sapulpa Institute of Karate. UGKA Black Belt Instructor Katie Carr put both of the white belts through their basics and verified they had competently aquired all of the skills necessary for their respective promotions. Karsyn was promoted by Mr. Soliday and received her second green stripe! Damian was promoted by Mr. Soliday to Yellow Belt! Both students are showing themselves well equipped and able to move on towards their next rank.

In other areas, Soliday Purple Belt Steve Lemley taught beginner white belts their basics. Soliday Green Belt Chelsea Boen faced off against Katie Carr, 2nd Dan. Purple Belt Christian faced off against Green Belt Chase, and of course both Karsyn and Damian faced each other as part of their test.

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