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October 18, 2008 update: UGKA Schools Win Big at the 18th Annual Shotokan Tiger’s Weapons of the Night Karate Tournament in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma!

Katie Carr, 2nd DAN – Sensei of the Mannford Institute of Karate, along with Mr. Scott Collins, 7th DAN – Sensei of the Sand Springs Institute of Karate both brought students to compete in this year’s Weapons of the Night Tournament!

Ms. Katie Carr, 2nd DAN with her students competing in their first karate tournament event! Also pictured is Ms. Carr’s assistant instructor, Purple Belt Kassie Carr!

Two UGKA schools had a strong showing at the The Weapons of the Night 18th Annual Shotokan Tiger’s Karate Tournament in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma! Mr. Scott Collins, 7th DAN, of the Sand Springs Institute of Karate brought three students to compete in the tournament. Ms. Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, of the Mannford Institute of Karate brought four students to compete, in addition to Katie Carr competing herself!

Katie Carr took 1st Place in Forms Competition as well as 1st Place in the Fighting Competition. Katie also waited for the male advanced division to complete its brackets and she took on the winner of that bracket in an exhibition fight! As usual, it was filled with hard hitting and hard kicking action!

Each of the instructors of these UGKA schools are Soliday Black Belts, and continue the Soliday style of teaching traditional Japanese Goju Ryu Karate. By the end of the tournament, both UGKA schools brought home trophies or recognition with their respective students competing hard within their divisions!

Both Mannford and Sand Springs schools’ competitors and Sensei’s await the start of the tournament!

September 27, 2008 update: UGKA Blackbelt Katie Carr, 2nd DAN wins at the AKA’s Natural State Classic!

Katie Carr, 2007 American Karate Association National Champion, returned to the Natural State Classic and won 1st Place in Fighting as well as 1st Place in Forms Competition. Katie was able to have an exhibition fight with one of the adult black belts from Joey Perry’s Elite Martial Arts team, and Katie also would go on to compete in the 12-17 Black Belt Grand Champion competition!

Soliday Purple Belt, Scott Carr, also competed in the Natural State Classic. Because of a recent injury, Scott only competed in Forms Competition, taking 2nd Place.

Shihan Keith Bly of Bly’s Martial Arts Academy in Jacksonville, Arkansas, one of the Promoters for the Natural State Classic and a strong contributer to the AKA, was nice enough to have his picture taken with Katie Carr, 2nd DAN. Mr. Bly had some generous comments to share with Katie about his observations of her as he’s watched her competing within the American Karate Association. Katie was very thankful for the feedback, and appreciative of the time Mr. Bly took to speak with her!

Katie also had the opportunity to briefly visit with both Mr. Bly and the other promoter of the Natural State Classic, and one of those within the AKA that has offered her support and encouragement, Mr. Jamie Yowell, 4th DAN of Yowell Karate in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

UGKA Blackbelt Katie Carr with her 1st Place trophies

Katie Carr with AKA Tournament Promoter, Shihan Keith Bly

Did she not agree with the judge?? Katie Carr takes on one of the judges in a Blackbelt exhibition match!

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