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November 8, 2008 update: Ms. Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, and Soliday Purple Belt, Scott Carr, compete at the American Karate Association’s 2008 DragonFest Karate Tournament in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

Scott Carr, Soliday Purple Belt, wins 1st Place in Fighting and 3rd Place in Forms Competition

AKA Southern Region and Tournament Promoter Sensei Groves graciously takes a moment to have a picture taken with Scott Carr

2007 American Karate Association National Champion, Ms. Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, competed at the final AKA tournament of the season – the 2008 DragonFest Karate Tournament, along with Soliday Purple Belt Scott Carr. Katie has been competing in AKA tournaments throughout the 2008 season with her sights set on another National Title for 2008! Scott Carr joined the American Karate Association for the 2008 season, and has been competing in the Intermediate/Advanced divisions in the hopes of making a strong showing towards a National Title win as well. This last tournament was a double points tournament, and will serve both of their point totals well to help them achieve their goals.

Katie Carr won 1st Place in Fighting, and 1st Place in Forms Competition which allowed her the honor to compete for the Tournament Grand Champion, although it alluded her this time.

Scott took 3rd Place in Forms Competition amidst a strong division, but won 1st Place in Fighting!

Katie was very honored to be asked to judge numerous divisions include the Junior Black Belt extreme forms, musicals, and later in the tournament she was asked to judge some of the Grand Champion divisions.

Below, dominates a male second degree blackbelt in fighting competition…

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