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January 17, 2009 update: Katie Carr’s Mannford Institute of Karate!

UGKA Black Belt Instructor Ms. Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, opened the Mannford Institute of Karate in July 2008. Classes are held every Monday night starting at 7pm at the Mannford Activity Center in Mannford, Oklahoma. Students of all ages are learning traditional Japanese Goju Ryu Karate from Ms. Carr as well as from her other instructors.

Katie Carr’s Mannford Institute of Karate students are practicing for their upcoming rank test. Kassie Carr, Soliday Purple Belt, also helps instruct beginning students, and is shown below as she works with two beginning white belts.

Katie Carr also assists with instruction on Tuesday nights in Sapulpa at the Sapulpa Institute of Karate under Mr. Ted Soliday, 9th DAN, and along side Mr. Teddy Soliday, 3rd DAN.

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