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May 02, 2009 update: The UGKA’s Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, and Soliday Brown Belt Scott Carr compete in the MMASC’s Four State Brawl karate tournament in Neosho, MO!

Scott Carr, Brown Belt, won 2nd Place in Weapons, 2nd Place in Forms, and 2nd Place in Fighting at the MMASC’s 2009 Four State Brawl!

Ms. Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, won 2nd Place in Fighting and 2nd Place in Forms Competition at the 2009 Four State Brawl!

Katie Carr, 2nd Dan, and Scott Carr, Brown Belt, traveled to Neosho, Mo to compete in the Midwest Martial Art Association Southern Conference’s 2009 Four State Brawl Karate Tournament. Scott Carr competed in Adult Weapons Competition and, in close competition, won 2nd Place using traditional Sai weapons. This was the first tournament for Scott competing in the Advanced divisions, and in Forms Competition, Scott won 2nd Place, as well as 2nd Place in Fighting.

In the MMASC, Katie competes up in the Adult Women’s Black Belt division. Katie took 2nd Place in Fighting in a very close competition. In Forms, Katie tied for 1st Place and the competitors went to a tie breaker using their first beginner form. It was a close decision, and Katie ended up winning 2nd Place for Forms.

The MMASC continues to share their generosity with UGKA competitors, and both Katie and Scott greatly appreciated the support and fellowship offered.

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