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May 16, 2009 update: Mr. Soliday and the UGKA attend the Shotokan Tigers’ 2009 Bruce Lee Blades of Steel Karate Tournament in Broken Arrow, OK!

Mr. Ted Soliday, 9th DAN, and Ms. Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, visit with Grandmaster Janis Fraley before the tournament begins.

Grandmaster Soliday, UGKA Blackbelt Katie Carr, and Grandmaster Gilkey during the tournament.

Mr. Soliday and UGKA competitors attended the 2009 Bruce Lee Blades of Steel Karate Tournament, hosted by Janis Fraley’s Shotokan Tigers in Broken Arrow, OK. Mr. Soliday participated in judging the Black Belt divisions, along with fellow Goju Grandmaster, Earl Gilkey.

Competitors from the UGKA included students from Mr. Soliday’s Sapulpa Institute of Karate; Ms. Katie Carr’s Mannford Institute of Karate, and Mr. Scott Collins’ Sand Springs Institute of Karate.

Katie Carr, 2nd DAN

Katie Carr took 1st Place in Forms competition. She won 2nd Place in Fighting after an exciting heavy hitting, heavy kicking match against a very strong male black belt opponent, being edged out by a single point as time ran out.

Ms. Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, Sensei of the Mannford Institute of Karate with father and assistant instructor Scott Carr, Brown Belt. Mr. Carr did not compete in this tournament, instead he helped insure all of the UGKA students got to the rings and were prepared and ready for competition.

Mr. Scott Collins, 7th DAN, Sensei of the Sand Springs Institute of Karate with his White Belt student, Hunter. Hunter competed in beginning forms for his division, but moved up to fight in the intermediate division to insure a better level of competition.

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