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June 27, 2009 update: Soliday Brown Belt, Scott Carr, wins at the Midwest Martial Arts Association’s St. Louis Showdown Karate Tournament!

Ms. Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, and Brown Belt Scott Carr traveled to St. Louis, MO to compete in the Midwest Martial Arts Association’s St. Louis Showdown Karate Tournament. Unfortunately, Katie Carr was not feeling well enough to compete, so the UGKA was represented by Scott Carr.
Scott took 1st Place in Weapons competition, 1st Place in Forms Competition, and 2nd Place in Fighting.

Katie Carr attended the tournament Black Belt meeting, and greatly appreciated both Mr. Richard Osborn, Jr. and Mr. David Frazier’s concern for her. Mr. David Frazier is also the 2009 President of the Midwest Martial Arts Association, and was kind enough to get his picture taken with Katie Carr.

Both Katie Carr and Scott Carr are members of the Midwest Martial Arts Association Southern Conference, and have competed in MMASC tournaments for the past couple tournament seasons.

June 13, 2009 update: UGKA wins at the American Karate Association’s Grand Nationals & Bluegrass Nationals Karate Tournament in Louisville, KY!

Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, and Sensei of the Mannford Institute of Karate along with Scott Carr, Soliday Brown Belt, traveled to Louisville, KY for the AKA Grand Nationals and Bluegrass Nationals Karate Tournament! A NASKA rated event, this tournament is one of the largest in the country and attracts some of the very best competitors from across the country!

Katie Carr competed in a division featuring 14 Black Belts representing the best of the best, with many of them NASKA seeded in the tournament. While Katie did not place in Traditional Forms competition, she fought her way through the brackets in Fighting Competition to finish in 3rd Place!

Scott Carr competed in Weapons using Sai, and took 2nd Place in the Underbelt Advanced Division. In Traditional Forms competition, Scott took 2nd Place again against strong competition. In Fighting, Scott dominated his division and took 1st Place.

Both Katie and Scott are members of the American Karate Association competing in the Southern Region and are in the running for national titles during the 2009 tournament season. Both are 2008 national champions in the American Karate Association, and Katie is also a 2007 national champion.

Ms. Katie Carr, 2nd DAN, wins 3rd Place in Fighting in her Black Belt division against some of the best Black Belts in the country!

Soliday Brown Belt, Scott Carr, wins 1st Place in Fighting, 2nd Place in Forms, and 2nd Place in Weapons competition!

Mr. John Sharkey, Jr – American Karate Association President, took some time out during the tournament and was kind enough to get his picture taken with Katie! The last time Mr. Sharkey visited with Katie was during the AKA Awards Banquet. Katie greatly appreciated his time and interest in how she was doing in the tournament!

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