Chelsea Murphy, Chelsea Rose Murphy

They Touch Our Soul – A Tribute To Chelsea Rose Murphy

They say you can’t pick your family but I surely think we do and it extends way beyond our biological one.

It’s amazing and a little surreal when we cross paths with our tribe because we immediately recognize the connection goes way beyond our normal way of relating to others. It feels like we’ve known them for ever. We somehow know we can be just the way we want to be without fear of judgement and reprisals because they love us no matter what. We can share with them on a very deep level.

They touch our soul. We live in a place of awesome physical beauty that is a wonder to behold and we navigate this world with a physical body that must follow the physical rules of time and space.

No matter what age we are when we¬†experience the death of someone so close to us it’s inevitable to be confused and anguished when we try to find reason in a time line.

Maybe the beauty of physical death is that it brings the awareness that the experiences we share as we relate to one another on this physical plane create connections that live on unbroken in our memories and in the way we learn to recreate ourselves through example.

By Kaitlin’s Aunt Kathy

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