Chelsea Murphy, Chelsea Rose Murphy

Ride High Little Angel by Charlotte Murphy: A Message From Chelsea

When you see a horse running wild and free.
Stomping and Snorting, being all he can be.
I really hope you will think of me!
Long hair flying in the breeze, the horse and me are one you see.

I took a ride, it set me free.
Then my God, swooped down, and rescued me.
He whispered as he spoke to me.

I never left you my child, I was here.
I’ve heard your prayers, I know your fears.
I will take away your tears.
You are a Christian and with me, you will be.
In my Heaven my eternity.

Dad, Mom, Josh and Maddy & family.
Loved to make you smile, laugh and play.
All of you gave me my happiest days.
I cherish all our memories with that I won’t part.
Memories etched forever in my heart.
As a child you taught me how to pray, to know a God who is with me today.

I learned the best things in life, love, kindness, forgiveness from my Mom and Dad.
Thank you for showing God to me.
In my heart he will ever be.

I LOVE You more than you will ever know,
In you my spirit will forever flow,
The best parents a girl could know.

Josh and Maddy, I love you so.
In your hearts, I know you know.
Live life to your fullest, smile and think of me.
In your hearts there I will always be.

Pray to God, in his grace you’ll see.
Peace like a river, he rescued me.
Know with him I will forever be.
Lift up your heads, rejoice and sing with me.
In Gods kingdom is peace you see.

I took a ride it set me free,
Forever in my Saviors, arms I’ll be.
Thank you Lord for blessing me,
with the greatest FAMILY.


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