Daisy Chain

You were always able to loose yourself in music (didn’t even mean to throw an Eminem pun in here but I know you like it).  But seriously, I have gotten back into slim shady these days because none of my friends were as well versed in his lyrics as you. It cracks me up remembering how in love with him you were from the time you were a preteen til the day you died. I will always have a soft spot for that raunchy rapper cause of you boo.

Besides just vibing to music in cars or our rooms, I loved how many concerts and festivals we went to together. Sometimes I would look up at concerts thinking you were grooving right next to me only to see you on top of someone’s shoulders, hyping up the people surrounding your newly created tower of crazy.

We were always “those girls” who didn’t care what it took to get to the front. Linking hands, we daisy chained our way through gaps that didn’t exist until we reached the epicenter of the dance floor. Thats when we would let go and defend our newly conquered territory with some fierce ass dance moves. Nobody can deny Chelsea would always go for gold on the dance floor and I am still inspired to do the same whenever I am at any sort of music event.

Thats why I still went to see the Dirty Dozen (awesome New Orleans brass band that Chelsea would never listen too) even though I had been socked in the stomach with Chels’s passing through a telephone speaker that morning. I got myself lost at that concert, dancing around with homies and other randos like a crazy lady.  I was super tempted to go home that night and just be still but instead I just gripped onto your hand and got pulled into the night out. I remember kinda scanning the crowd for you as the night carried on…

I still rely on music to carry me through the rough days. It helps me mentally reach out my hand to yours, and latch on for a few minutes before the song cuts and I loose you in the crowd again. 

I gotta work on my crowd surfing skills.

Ya homegirl forever,


Chelsea – My Sissy By: Maddy Murphy

Chelsea, I wanted to be able to honor you by standing up and speaking about you, but there are just absolutely no words great enough to even begin to describe you.

My sissy, the most beautiful angel to ever bless this earth with her presence. Anyone and everyone who was lucky enough to meet her could sense that she is one of a kind. People like Chelsea don’t come along often! She was the type of person who could walk into a room without saying a word and still be noticed. Besides the fact that she had mesmerizing fiery red hair, stunning blue eyes and a heartwarming smile; her open mind and exceptional personality could make the shyest of people feel comfortable. She brought me out of my shell, and even though I may have realized it at the time, Chelsea taught me to be myself and not care what others thought. Being able to call Chelsea my sister feels so incredibly amazing. I would always get a sense of pride whenever we were introduced as sisters. In lack of better words, it was just super cool being her sister. I have so many great memories with Chelsea and I am forever thankful for them. From practicing for Americas Next Top Model and having to deal with top model sabotage to belting “Son of a Preacher Man” together. Chelsea and I had high hopes of becoming famous somehow. As my brother, Josh put it, Chelsea didn’t half ass fun and she taught me how to do the same.

Sissy, losing you has been so hard. Your spirit is just too big for this world and unfortunately, we must let you be free. Even though I can not see you physically, I know you will always be with me. I want to thank you for coming to seem so much already and I ask that you never stop. I hope you are having fun exploring your new world. Give everybody a hug for me. I love you to the moon and back times infinity and I can’t wait for the day when we can wrestle and play again. Try not to miss me too much. Your sissy forever!